• Rice

    It´s a part of our culture

  • Rice

    It´s a part of our history

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Our history


Rice is a part of our culture. In Harinas de Arroz Climent we have made this phrase ours based on grinding cereals for more than 100 years. Rice and its flour are our culture, our history and our future. The time spent between mills and farmers has made us assume the qualities of rice and the quality that our products should have. It has allowed us to internalize, understand and have a solid foundation about the milling of rice.

But in Harinas de Arroz Climent we have transcended that step of experience and tradition. We wanted to go a step further. And all that solid base of generational expertise has formed the foundation for a new stage: that of Industry.

We have made a great effort to adapt the entire milling process to the new times, thus achieving a modern, automated company. A company that carries out the most rigorous analyzes and the most exhaustive controls with the implementation of an HACCP system, which minimizes direct human intervention, reduces production times and keeps the optimum temperature and humidity values invariable in order to continue offering our Famous Extrafine Rice, the flour that has given us fame since 1906.

In Harinas de Arroz Climent we are committed to this necessary modernization process, that of combining past and future, tradition and technology.

Our famous

Extrafine Rice Flour

In Harinas de Arroz Climent we make a product, which has made us famous for its qualities and quality. Extrafine rice is a rice flour obtained by multiple milling of clean rice grain, “round bay”, ripe, healthy and dry.

Thanks to the repetition of the sieve-milling cycle, we obtain a flour with suitable granulometric qualities, extra fine, with very low relative humidity (below 12% m / m ssn).

In Harinas de Arroz Climent we only grind rice, this guarantees a product suitable for celiacs, Gluten Free certified and without cross contamination. A process always guaranteed by the strict controls carried out by an external company, by the HACCP system that we have implemented in the process and by our IFS Food V6 certification.

The result is a product that surprises us with its qualities and excellent behavior.

A product we are proud of

Modernization has led us to the optimization of production and transport times thus not storing the product and ensuring its maximum quality and minimum humidity. In addition, we produce semolina and flour of different grain sizes always on request.

The product is served in 25 kg paper bags palletized and strapped in transparent film.

Although the expiration date may be longer, a margin of 12 months of preferential consumption is set from the production indicated on each bag.



Our mills only grind rice to avoid any kind of contamination in our production process



An external control company and the HACCP system implemented in our process guarantee our products.